Probiotic Oral Hygiene

Our mouths speak for us in more ways than one. In addition to being our basic means of communication you will love knowing that your breath is fresh and odorless. An unbelievable number of “bad” bacteria hide in our mouths. They produce the plaque (biofilm) on our teeth; they cause disease; they give us bad breath; and, make us visit the dentist way too much.

Chrisal’s Mouth Rinse (currently is being sold in Europe and soon to be available in USA) is a probiotic concentrate that attacks the biofilm and reduces plaque build-up, gum irritation, potential disease, and bad breath. Plaque is a harmful biofilm that is created by pathogenic microorganisms. PIP Probiotic Mouth Rinse will break down and reduce harmful biofilm formation resulting in a healthier oral environment. You may also gargle with the diluted Probiotic Rinse for a healthier pink tongue and throat. Using Chrisal’s Probiotic Mouth Rinse on a daily basis helps protect our mouths.  And another reason to also love it, is that with Chrisal you don’t have to suffer like you do with most mouth washes that burn or bother you. Chrisal’s probiotics are as gentle as rinsing with water. No artificial flavors or phony colors, but pure, natural, non-GMO probiotics and purified water. (Coming Soon…)

Also try Chrisal’s probiotic PIP Toothbrush & Dental Appliance Cleaner.  Mixing the solution twice a week with enough water to cover the toothbrush and leaving your toothbrush, or dental appliances in overnight every day can help reduce bad breath and chance of bad germs thriving. And, it does more: it keeps reducing the risk of bad bacteria on your toothbrushes, retainers, mouth guards, removable bridges, and dental appliances.  Simply the most amazing oral hygiene product you’ll ever experience! You will love the way your mouth feels even when you wake up the next morning…  And you’ll have lots of reasons to smile when you get your next dental check up!  😀



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