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Chrisal Products are a major break-through in cleanliness and healthcare. For thousands of years we humans have been trying to improve ways to clean ourselves and where we live and work – as the best way to protect against filth, odors, illness, infections, molds and many other problems. But, even with all of today’s technology, we still find ourselves endlessly battling between trying to protect ourselves and using dangerous chemicals and products that harm us, our children, animals and the environment.

STABIOTICS (TM) - Stabilized Probiotics   HOW CHRISAL WORKS

Instead of Chemicals, Chrisal Stabiotics  (PIP-Probiotics In Progress) uses safe and beneficial stabilized probiotics, like millions of tiny workers, that physically actually works down to the microscopic level, removing dirt, allergens and other contaminants. Chrisal’s probiotics are as safe for your skin and for surfaces as yogurt is for the inside of your body. Chrisal’s allergy and cleaning products are incredibly efficient and work by physically removing the source of problems, instead covering them up.



Just think about how most allergy medications work. They treat the symptoms caused by allergens– but Chrisal Allergy Free safely and efficiently works to remove the cause of the problem before it attacks you, so your body does not have to react to anything.

No treatment is needed if there is no problem to begin with..!



No matter how clean you, along with everyone else, have dust mites. Especially in your beds, carpets and chairs.

Every three seconds, your body sheds 50,000 old skin cells.

Dust mites eat all that  skin that you shed every day of your life.

But, dust mites are not polite. After they eat and digest your dead skin cells, they pass it through – however they are so tiny, that their ‘poop’ is very light and it floats in the very air that you (and all of us) are breathing in all night long as we sleep, as well as during the day – causing allergy problems for hundreds of millions of people.

TO THE RESCUE Chrisal’s beneficial probiotic bacillus actually consumes these allergens, eliminating them from your environment, with the only byproduct mostly the same CO2 you expel with every breath. So Chrisal provides millions of safe ‘little friends’ constantly working to remove the very irritants that cause your problems – and Chrisal PIP, in addition to its incredible cleaning power, even has a drying effect in controlling the environment that significantly reduces dust mites as well.




Your kitchen counter or table may look smooth, but if you look at them or even the smoothest surface under a microscope, you will see all kinds of holes, rifts, and indentations. Harmful bacteria love these openings and literally build hundreds of layers of “Biofilm” to hide inside of and protect themselves, along with dirt, viruses and other things you do not want in your home. Years of using normal cleaners will NOT remove Biofilm..!


Even the best cleaners normally never really penetrate the Biofilm layers – that you will be shocked to find is on almost all the surfaces around you. All you have to do for an example, is to look at the grout between your tiles and how it grows darker over time no matter how well you clean. Grout shows more than most surfaces, because it is more porous. With Chrisal, you will see your grout grow back to its original color and stay that way for as many years as you use Chrisal. In hospital and university studies, even the most stubborn Biofilm that had grown over many dozens of years in public places used by hundreds of people daily were taken away and kept free of contamination by Chrisal in a matter of just a few weeks.



All of Chrisal’s Probiotic Cleaners will actually clean down to the microscopic level. That means that there is no dirt or contaminants left to create odors or stain. This not only makes Chrisal the world’s best cleaner – but also the world’s best deodorizer as well… Chrisal does not just cover up odors like other products, but actually eliminate what causes them… so you don’t breathe scents to cover odors, but actually pure, clean air..!

Further, a very important point to also understand is that almost all surfaces, including your skin, is covered by microscopic biofilm which is made by bacteria..!

Biofilm is bad! It harbors and protects the germs, dirt, and other pollutants on our bodies and that invade our homes and work areas.  The reason you can actually see biofilm on grout between your tiles is because grout is so porous that biofilm grows into visible bio-mats! And, everyone knows how impossible it is to keep grout clean and in its original color.

Yet, Chrisal probiotics actually deconstruct biofilm… and is the only product that does so safely, easily and without chemicals. Chrisal PIP eats biofilm and turns it into CO2. Without biofilm, there is no place for germs to hide and to hold dirt.

Further, when you clean, you want to be sure that the products you use are effective, safe and long-lasting, especially in your bathrooms and kitchens. What is also unique about Chrisal is that of our PIP probiotic products actually keep working to continue cleaning and protecting your surfaces for up to three days at a time.

Other cleaners stop working the moment they are dry, but Chrisal’s millions of microscopic “BioBots” keep working second by second, 24 hours a day, to keep breaking down biofilm and consuming other contaminants, like the waste products from dust mites that all humans constantly are breathing in. Chrisal cleaning products will clean your home and work areas all the way down to the microscopic level to give you the cleanest, long-lasting protection possible. Chrisal is gentle to your skin and  is environmentally safe for you, your family and your pets.




Normally the best cleaners and disinfectants use chemicals that may appear to you to clean, but they do not physically remove all of the real dirt and contaminants down to the microscopic level. Further, they stop working the minute they are dry. Even the strongest disinfectants that may kill most bacteria (upsetting the natural balance needed to properly protect you) do not physically remove all the “dead bodies” after the chemicals dry, but instead leave them to serve as “food” that helps speed up the growth of the next round of unwanted bacteria..!

This is the basis for the shocking statement that… “DISINFECTANTS CAUSE INFECTIONS..!”  Please see the paper explaining this in our documentation section.




Results From Using Chrisal:

You can see how dramatic are the results of using Chrisal Probiotic products from just these two charts that prove the incredible safety and power of Chrisal cleaning that actually works down to the microscopic level..! There are thousands of more test results, charts, reports and testimonials available in our documentation section for your interest.









CHRISAL Contamination Testing SERVICES

Would you like to see in just 15 seconds how clean your facilities really are?

Note that some of Chrisal’s distributors can offer contamination testing service in selected locations. This testing is done using the Hygiena SystemSURE Plus ATP meter.


Who can benefit from contamination testing?

• Healthcare – Hospitals and Nursing Homes

• Food Service – Restaurants and Grocery Stores

• Leisure and Hospitality – Hotels and Lodgings

• Drink and Food Processing – Farms and Food processors

• Institutional– Offices and Schools

• Environmental Monitoring – Water Supplies and Public Areas such as Parks and Beaches



Important Notes About Chrisal Products

• No harmful chemicals

Chrisal is a revolution in cleaning as it actually works and cleans down to the microscopic level

• World’s Best Deodorizer – Chrisal does not just cover up odors…

Chrisal really eliminates odors, so there’s nothing left to smell!

• Removes the biofilm that protects germs and traps dirt & contaminants

• Unique, longer-lasting protection – can work up to three days at a time

• Hospital and University tested and approved

• Ecologically beneficial and green

• Safe for all humans, animals, birds, fish and other life forms

• Chrisal is Nature’s protection from infection

• Our core products now Certified for Organic Use




Chrisal is Safe • Effective • Economical …and the experience and amazing results you will have when you used it is far more than anything you ever expected. Wait until you see the affects for healthcare, for cleaning, for skin Blemishes, for Allergies, on Dust Mite Allergens, for Body Odor, for reducing the risk of infections, for a full range of skin problems and other Personal Hygiene uses and for your home’s health.

One application keeps on working and protecting for days..!



Every spray of Chrisal’s PIP cleaners gives you millions of tiny little workers that eat away at all the biofilm, dirt and other contaminates, all the way down to the very microscopic level so that there is nothing left to protect dirt, harmful germs, mold or to cause odors. Even better, tests have shown how Chrisal can keep safely working and protecting you for up to three days after each application.



Every pet owner knows how a loved pet can still smell where an “accident” happened no matter how much you clean that spot. Normal cleaners just can not physically remove the tiny bits of filth that always remain. But, you will be amazed to see how Chrisal physically eliminates all the poop, throw-ups and all other contaminates even down to the tiny traces that are the size of a single microscopic cell… so even the best trained bloodhound will not be able to smell where the problem was! See what Chrisal does for the inside of a gym after a big game, for your smelliest shoes, for where someone was smoking and even for your car.

Since Chrisal PIP is great at cutting down the odor of cow, pig and chicken manure on farms, it will handle anything you have in your home or business..!



Chrisal is incredibly safe and efficient for all humans, animals, birds, fish and even reptiles. Users in over 30 countries around the world have definitively proven over the years that Chrisal effectively and safely should be used to clean for every possible need from hospitals to homes and from nurseries to farms. What else cleans down to the microscopic level..?!

Both Chrisal’s home & commercial products will make your skin look and feel better, leaving it tingly clean, which is wonderful for blemishes and odor control. For commercial applications, restaurants and other facilities are amazed to find that even their mops will turn back to white from gray when used with Chrisal’s product.



Chrisal PIP was originally developed in Europe. Chrisal started 22 years ago developing safe, green solutions for use in the food industry and was one of the first to see the importance of developing microbiological and enzymatic products. Inspired by an immune deficient granddaughter, Chrisal’s founder devoted Chrisal’s resources to the research and development of a breakthrough that would create a safe, healthy and clean hospital-safe type environment in a normal home or work setting – and do so simply and economically. Chrisal now offers a complete range of these revolutionary and environmentally friendly probiotic products that can benefit everyone and in any environment.

It is ironic that hospitals have now transformed from islands of health and safety to facilities where patients try to leave as fast as possible due to the major raise in nosocomial – hospital acquired – infections. It is here as well that simple and ecomomical Chrisal use has proven to vastly lower the risk of infections in a number of hosptials and medical facilities in a range of countries from North America to Europe and other areas of the world.

Chrisal products have been certified as organic by both USA and Canadian based organic certification organizations for use on organic food animals, for biodegradability by the University of Gent-Belgium and for no oral toxicity and no skin irritation by CEBETOX and by FDA licensed laboratories. Chrisal has been certified for use for all food production and processing facilities in Canada including restaurants. Notice of NO GMO – that No Genetically Modified Organisms are used in any Chrisal’s probiotic products.

Please see all of the studies and testing by a large number of additional hospitals, universities, laboratories and other facilities for the ethicacy, effectiveness and reliability of Chrisal PIP, as well as the many reports from a large range of different types of facilities, including a large number of farms covering a complete range of animals including poultry and fish farms. Chrisal was awarded its ISO 9002 certificate in 1999, certified by CEBEC and in 2003 achieved the standard ISO 9001:2000.




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