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Chrisal’s PIP Probiotic Companion Pet HeathCare and Cleaning Products establish a clean and healthy living environment not only for our dogs and cats, but Chrisal PIP has also proved to be of great benefit for all types and sizes of animals and birds. It does not matter how large or small the animal or how many in your home or yard.


FOR HOT SPOTS, ITCHING, EARS AND OTHER SUCH PROBLEMS! Make your pets far more comfortable, clean and healthy with Chrisal by simply spraying them with Chrisal PIP ALLERGY FREE Spray and using Chrisal PIP cleaning products. By assuring your pet’s cleanliness and health with Chrisal, you can save them a great deal of itching, discomfort and even pain and suffering – as well as much time and hundreds of dollars of veterinary bills.


In addition to your pet’s wellbeing, you will not believe what an amazing deodorizer Chrisal is..! Because Chrisal PIP literally cleans down to the microscopic level – the same action that helps your pet’s well being, actually cleans so well that dog lovers have found that even a dog’s sensitive nose will not be able to find the urine and soiled spots on your carpets. Chrisal provides effective, safe and economical solutions to improve each animal’s sanitary condition and healthcare.

Cat lovers, see what happens to the smell of litter boxes and how much you will reduce allergens. Your home will be and smell cleaner, your pets will be safer and happier with Chrisal PIP. Further, those that have allergies should tend to find them significantly reduced in homes and facilities that use Chrisal.

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS of Chrisal’s PIP products are that, as powerful as they are for cleaning, they are also so gentle on skin that they can be used as hand soap, without gloves, masks or protective aprons; this important fact is just one of the many that sets Chrisal apart from the numerous chemicals now used in other cleaning products that have dangerous fumes or can burn skin. Please also see how wonderful and life-changing Chrisal PIP has proven to be for all animals including horses, farm animals and poultry as well as used in fish farms and even to help reptiles stay clean and healthy.

Chrisal PIP prevents problems so you don’t have to agonize over cures – plus it leaves your pet’s coats looking so much cleaner and smelling better.

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Chrisal’s Companion Pet Products are:


PIP Water Plus »

PIP AHC – Animal Housing Cleaner »

PIP BioMist – Probiotic Environmental Control For Animal & Poultry Housing »


FOR THE FIRST WEEK: Chrisal PIP products are incredibly safe and easy to use. Simply give the can a shake before using and then just spray enough to mist your pet for two or three seconds. That is all it takes, though larger animals can take a few seconds more.

Normally hold the can from one to three feet away (and closer for trouble spots). Start from longer distances until they get used to the spray and you will find in many cases, your pet will enjoy the experience and love being petted and played with while spraying – and knows where their relief comes from.

For the first week, spray your pets, their bedding and food areas at least once a day (though where there are problems, you can use several times per day).

AFTER THE FIRST WEEK you only have to spray pet areas once every three (3) days..! But, not less than that! However, you can spray your pets every day for optimal protection to keep them clean and smelling good. – or more often for real problem areas.

PET FOOD AREAS, BEDS, FURNITURE, CARPETS, PET TOYS & OTHER AREAS your pet normally likes to use should get a spray at least once every three days as well – and you will be amazed at how well pet odors and stains will vanish with Chrisal PIP. If you wish to spray more frequently, you can, but normally more than once a day is not needed.


    • Shake PIP & hold the can from one to three feet away
    • Don’t overspray – just spray for 3 seconds
    • After the first week, to maintain an allergy free environment just use Chrisal PIP every 3 days (or more if you wish.)


For more information, please contact us at

*Please Note – Our new Bag-In-The-Can Sprays are so powerful that you can just use several short half-second sprays to cover the areas needed..!


Please click here to download the INSTRUCTIONS – PIP ALLERGY FREE SPRAY For PETS





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