PIP Probiotic Skin Cleanser

Chrisal’s Skin Cleansers helps to reduce the risk of possible infections when we touch everyday things like door handles, handrails, and everything else we need our hands for.

Keeping our hands clean is very important to our health, and treating your hands to Chrisal’s Skin Cleansers is an amazing and effective way to do just that and it provides a natural balance of protection to your skin. You’ll see and feel almost immediately the rejuvenation of your skin’s natural balance and see the afterglow as you use our cleanser. Your face and neck will feel amazingly clean and soft. The biofilm that normally traps dirt, germs, and other skin contaminants will be washed away along with the thousands of dead skin cells that we don’t see, leaving your skin feeling tingling clean and soft.

Protect With The Power of Probiotics!



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