PIP BioMist – Probiotic Environmental Control

PIP BioMist is an organic probiotic liquid suspension that establishes a healthy and stable microbial community for any environment, like Allergy Free Spray.

The product can be used in all types of facilities by means of a simple and economic fogging or spraying method. In the case of heavily contaminated facilities, it is strongly recommended to thoroughly clean the area using PIP Probiotic Cleaner before using PIP BioMist. With the establishment of a stable healthy microbiota, the need for disinfection becomes mostly redundant.

Fogging with PIP BioMist is an incredibly effective way to reach all areas and also provides a major savings in time and labor. Hotels, gyms, spas, hospitals, clinics, sport stadiums and all types of facilities, as well as homes, have found fogging or spraying with Chrisal’s BioMist of major benefits with odors and risk of contamination vastly reduced in short order.

Medication & Chemical Free! This product is simply going to astound you! Get the peace of mind you deserve with Chrisal’s PIP long lasting protection.


Protect With The Power of Probiotics!




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