PIP AHC – Animal Housing Cleaner

Chrisal’s probiotic PIP AHC Animal Housing Cleaner is a proven, extremely fast, effective and concentrated foam cleaner with a unique and strong base of probiotic bacteria.

AHC is a safe, environmentally friendly product that will establish a stable and healthy micro flora in all animal housing and facilities by covering the surfaces with safe probiotic bacteria to prevent problems.

PIP AHC is an active cleanser used to thoroughly clean barns, stables, and other heavily fouled animal housing facilities.

Immediately after cleaning, a healthy and stable microbial community is created on the surfaces by means of safe probiotic PIP bacteria.

Chrisal PIP products have a long lasting effect and makes disinfection in most cases redundant.

PIP AHC cleans quickly and thoroughly without the need for any scrubbing action. AHC is biologically degradable, non-flammable, and non-volatile.

Following cleaning with AHC the use of PIP Probiotic Animal Housing Environmental Control (PEC) is strongly recommended in order to maintain a sufficiently high number of probiotic PIP bacteria in the facility.

Protect With The Power of Probiotics!





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