PIP BioMist – Probiotic Environmental Control For Animal & Poultry Housing

PIP BioMist is a probiotic bacteria suspension that establishes a healthy and stable microbial community in the environment. The product can be used in all animal housing facilities by means of a simple and economic spraying method. In the case of heavily contaminated facilities, it is strongly recommended to thoroughly clean the area using PIP AHC before using PIP BioMist for Animal & Poultry Housing. With the establishment of a stable healthy microbiota, disinfection becomes mostly redundant.

Chrisal’s probiotic PIP BioMist is a unique and proven solution that provides 24 hours a day of ongoing protection for pets and all types of animals and birds by stabilizing all areas of the animal’s surroundings by forming a strong base of healthy probiotic micro flora for protection.

Extremely safe, PIP BioMist is a fast, effective and environmentally friendly solution that establishes stable and healthy animal facilities by covering the surfaces with long lasting, safe probiotic bacteria to provide Nature’s natural needed balance to prevent problems before they occur.

Protect With The Power of Probiotics!


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