PIP BioGel

We use our hands almost as much as our mouths when we interact with people. Shake hands with a big, big smile when you use Chrisal’s Probiotic Hand Sanitizer regularly, you will have the safety of knowing that it sanitizes your hands for hours instead of minutes like most other cleaners – and that leaves your skin feeling wonderfully soft.

Chrisal’s BioGel destroys harmful bacteria, and helps to keep us from picking up germs and possible infections when we touch everyday things like door handles, handrails, and everything else that our hands come into contact with. Keeping our hands sanitized is very important to our health, and treating your hands to Chrisal’s BioGel is an amazing and effective way to do just that.

Unlike other hand gels that only disinfect your hands at the time of use, Chrisal’s product lasts for hours keeping your hands clean and protected! Get the peace of mind you deserve with Chrisal’s PIP long lasting protection.

Protect With The Power of Probiotics!



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