PIP CTC – Dairy Cow Teat Cleaner

Pip Cow Teat Cleaner is a unique and proven protection system for your dairy herds. In order to achieve high milk production with good cell counts, it is very important to maintain good hygienic conditions. Each decrease in milk’s cell count represents a raise in production – hence, the necessary attention needs to be paid to assure the proper environment and working conditions.

Mechanical milking frequently damages the teat skin which may lead to infections when hygiene is not optimal. Because of the limited efficiency and action of pre-dips, dips and other disinfectants, these products cannot offer a sustainable solution to the problem and can cause further skin problems.

Using PIP CTC before, during and/or after the milking of cows will optimize your hygienic conditions.

PIP’s stabilizing probiotic bacteria will result in a lower risk of problems with infections as a result of the milking process.

PIP CTC is perfectly safe and stabilizes and protects the cow’s teats by forming a natural and healthy micro flora by covering all of the surfaces with a protective coating of safe, long lasting probiotic bacteria – and is biologically degradable.


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