PIP Probiotic Shower Gel

You will love how delicious PIP Probiotic Gel feels on your skin and how your body tingles with that clean feeling after bathing. PIP Probiotic Shower Gel contains live natural beneficial probiotics.

Studies have shown that people with beautiful healthy skin have 10 times more healthy bacteria on their skin than those who suffer from blemishes. PIP Probiotic Shower Gel contains beneficial microbes that help you create a healthy bacterial equilibrium. Your skin is refreshed while at the same time the number of unwanted bacteria is reduced. PIP Probiotic Shower Gel’s probiotics encourage rapid skin cell turn over – so your skin looks brighter, tighter and healthier.

Maintain your natural bacterial balance with Chrisal. For that fresher smell, Chrisal’s Shower Gel washes away and reduces the uninvited microscopic bacteria that make their home on our skin and cause body odor.

Many users all said how their skin felt like silk – “It’s as soft and sweet smelling as a new born baby’s skin.” Once you start using Chrisal’s Shower Gel, you’ll experience the same thing and not worry about body odor any longer.

Imagine being able to minimize the use of chemical-based deodorants or antiperspirants absorbed by your skin every day! Our probiotics produce only CO2 which is odorless and eco-friendly! The biofilm that normally traps dirt, germs, and other skin contaminants will be washed away along with the thousands of dead skin cells. Just imagine – a shower gel that leaves your body feeling tingling clean and soft, and leaves your skin with a terrific glow of youth, and so much more! Say goodbye to body odor and hello to a healthy and wonderful body experience!

Protect With The Power of Probiotics!


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