Studies & Reports

Please click on the links below to view the studies & reports:

2014 JUL-AUG Shriners Testing-Lobby Area Report

3 Pages of Charts From The Summary Selection From The Shriners Childrens Hospital

Chart-University Hospital Key Demonstration of The PIP Effect

StaBiotic Hand Hygiene Testing Report-Medical Sciences

University of Ferrara & St Anne Hospital Study

University of Liverpool-England Study Report

University of Ulster: MRSA Healthcare Worker Study

Report on Chrisal Probiotics Use from Ostrava Medical Center

Miami Jewish Hospital & Home For The Aged-Chrisal Study Report-25-JULY-2008

MJHH Updated Report Letter-2009

D-Amino Acids Trigger Biofilm Disassembly

Midland Medical Clinic Updated Report-2010-with Photos

Lokeren Hospital Status Update Letter-08-DEC-2009

University of Ghent & Lokeren General Hospital Study-07-JUNE-2007

Auto Usage Results With Chrisal Letter From Sarvin-6-JUN-2013

Toothbrush Cleaner Validation Study

Study-7th Health Risk Management Forum-Univ. of Ferrara & S Giorgio Hospital-Chrisal-NOV-2012

Report-Agriculture Center Haus Rewik-Milking Parlor Hygiene in Germany

Gyms & Fitness Facilities Products Comparisons Study

ATP Meter Testing on Chrisal Probiotics

CRUISE INDUSTRY – Newsletter Article About Chrisal PIP

Annual Prize For Innovations in Animal Health For Farm Using Chrisal

BEES – Honey Bee Report Note

POULTRY – Devos Chicken Farm Report

HORSES – User Reports & References

ZOO – Trial of Chrisal-Antwerp

ZOO – Artis Reference Letter-Amsterdam




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